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Going with a drop ceiling often means that you had to go with fluorescent lights back in the day.  However, the marketplace in York County, Pennsylvania, has changed with the times, and now you can have the same potential in lighting as you do with any other kind of ceiling: LED panels.

           Purpose-designed to go in drop ceilings or classic office ceilings previously limited to the thin and compact fluorescent light fixtures, these LED panels bump up your ceiling to the recent times.

           One of the best features of these panels is that they are often edge-lit. 

This makes them incredibly lightweight and thin, just perfect for even the thinnest of spaces in an office or a packed drop ceiling. They’re often great for those commercial spaces in York County, Pennsylvania, that want to save some funds when it comes to lighting.  This is especially great for passing those savings on to your customers, patients. It’s also a further incentive for those who wish to have a greener focus as a company.

           Not only do these lights better for a warmer, further-reaching flow, they also have a much longer-lasting lifespan and no need for twirling or tinkling, like you’re used to expecting with fluorescent options.

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