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Lighting is a key part of any operation. Not only is it essential for work to take place, but the right sort of lighting can also make a measurable difference to everything from energy bills through to production, sales, and overall profitability.

Using LED bulbs for lighting is growing in popularity, not least because LED bulbs usually last at least ten times longer than a halogen equivalent. LED bulbs also cost less to run. The average LED bulb uses about 85% less energy than a halogen option, with no diminution in performance.

Here we take a look at the various types of LED bulbs on the market, including details of their dimensions, base types, and shape, as well as considering how to identify what type of LED bulb you’ve currently got installed for the purposes of accurate reordering or replacement.


Usually, LED bulbs are classified as either “long” or “short” or don’t carry a classification. The terms are used subjectively, with no specific measurements given.

In comparison, the diameter (width) of an LED bulb is given as a number. Each single unit increase in the diameter measurement corresponds to an additional ¹/8 th of an inch. For example, a number 10 bulb has a diameter of 1¼”. A 16 bulb has a diameter of 2″.

The diameter of the bulb is usually numerically displayed on the packaging.


Probably the most common light bulb base is the screw base (also known as the Edison base). The Edison bulb’s base is available in a range of different diameters. The smallest commonly available, the Lilliput Edison, has a diameter of .27″. Other frequently used sizes include the E17 (17mm/0.669″) – the Intermediate Edison Screw, and the E40 (40mm diameter or 1.575″), the Goliath Edison Screw.

The other frequently used base is the pin base, where two “pins” join the power source to the bulb.


LED bulbs are available in a huge selection of different shapes. Each shape has a specific letter assigned to it. Some of the commonest types are listed below:

  • Type A – bullet tip.
  • Type C – candle-shaped bulb.
  • Type E – a bulb with an ellipsoid shape.
  • Type G – spherical bulb.
  • Type P – pear-shaped bulb.


Lumens (a measurement of the amount of visible light that reaches the human eye from a light source, commonly known as the level of brightness) have largely replaced watts (the power of the light) to categorize modern lighting. This is because a light’s power doesn’t always correlate with light brightness. For example, LED lights may have a low wattage at the same time as giving out a high level of light.

The degree of brightness needed will vary, depending on the function. There are a number of guides readily available that provide information on the most suitable type of lighting for a wide range of settings.

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