How Restaurants in York, PA Can Save Energy With LED Lights

March 19, 2021

Traditional incandescent bulbs only convert about 5% of electrical energy into light. For restaurants in the York, PA area, using these types of bulbs can cost a lot of money over time. Many restaurants still use old incandescent bulbs with dimmers in a drop ceiling, but with a retrofit kit, they can adapt their setup to create better lighting conditions and save money.

Read on and learn how converting your existing light fixtures to LED lights will make your restaurant patrons more comfortable, create a unique restaurant atmosphere, and save you money!

Why LED Lights Instead of Incandescent?

LED lights are energy-efficient and cost a fraction of the price to operate over incandescent bulbs. They last up to ten times longer than traditional bulbs and save money on electricity bills. 

You can adjust LED lights to different color temperatures. Suppose you want to change the mood and ambiance in your restaurant when evening comes. You can quickly and easily change the lighting color temperature of your LED bulbs or light strips to be dimmer or a softer color. 

LED strip lights for restaurant lighting are ideal for accent lighting. You can install them virtually anywhere and choose from a wide range of colors to set the mood. 

What Color Temperature Should I Use in My Restaurant?

Changing the color of your lighting and creating specific moods is one of the many benefits of LED lights. Color temperature is measured on the Kelvin (k) scale. Temperate is measured between 2,700k (very warm, almost orange light) to 6,500k (very bright light similar to daylight outdoors). 

If you like the look of incandescent bulbs but want to save money on your electrical bills, set the temperature of your LED lights to 2,700k. The soft golden hue is similar to a traditional bulb.

Set your lights to 3,000k to accentuate bright colored decor or emphasize food when delivered to your patrons. This is a crisp white light that looks exciting and lively. It’s perfect when you want customers to feel happy to be dining with you.

For busy times when you want to encourage people to come and go quickly, set the color temperature of your lights to 4,100k. This is the setting restaurants use to increase turnover and keep people moving.  

Set Your York, PA Restaurant Apart

One of the easiest ways to give your restaurant a fresh look is with LED lights. They’re more affordable than replacing booths and tables or changing out the entire decor. From the sconces and floodlights outdoors to accent lights over tables and everywhere in between, you can transform any space with LED lights.

They’re adaptable, flexible, and work with any style or theme. 

Make the Change

The best lights for restaurants in York, PA, give you control over the mood and ambiance. They cost less to operate, last for a long time, and great for saving energy. By switching your traditional incandescent lights to LED bulbs, you can create a fresh, new look and do your part to conserve electricity.

To learn more about LED lights for restaurants, contact us today. We’ll help you select the right fixtures, bulbs, and lighting systems for your needs.