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Affordable, quality, energy saving lighting and electrical products.

Your Source for New and Affordable Lighting Components

New Construction

Starting from scratch was never this easy. We’ll help select modern and affordable fixtures. or upload your lighting schedule for quick prices.

LED Retrofit

Saving energy means saving money. You shouldn’t pay an arm and a leg retrofitting. 

Recessed Lights

LED recessed lights come in all sorts of sizes.

Retrofit Kits

Specifically designed to help you replace your existing fixtures with upgraded LEDs.

Fluorescent Replacements

Long lifespan, and fit existing fixtures

Industrial Bay Lights

High and Low bay lights, made tough and long lasting.

Construction Company?

We understand that you’re on tight schedules and no time for back and fourth. Upload your lighting plans directly on our Request a Quote page, and we’ll submit pricing and alternates within your due date.

Property Developer?

Retrofitting an existing property, or planning a new construction. We’ll work with your engineers to determine the best fixtures for your plan, and include direct prices with no middle man mark-ups for your contractors to install. Get in Touch

What is The Process Like?

We keep common items in stock, and we can ship to your site or offer local pickup. How we help depends on the type of work you’re doing, but it all starts by getting in touch. 

1. Maintenance Departments

Looking to upgrade lighting to save cost or order in bulk to save funds. We can help. We keep common items in stock as well. 

Reach out to us and we’ll be able to help. 

2. Electrical Contractor

Submitting a bid? Need help sourcing and locating alternates for your customers? Leave it to us. We offer competitive prices, major brands, and shipping or pickup options so you can win the bid and get to work. 

Just upload a lighting table from the project drawing and we’ll get to work! 

3. Restaurants

Many restaurants still use dimmer switches and incandescent bulbs, that are on for 10+ hours a day, many don’t switch because of the warm glow from incandescent light. We can find, source, provide samples and save your a TON of money on your electrical costs. 

4. Parking Lots

New or existing, we’ll source and supply all the trimmings you need to repair, upgrade, or save energy in your parking lots.

Just reach out and we’ll help. 

5. Homeowner

We have cost saving & name brand options for smart, or color changing bulbs, as well as traditional LED bulbs – quit over paying at retail stores. Get in touch

Message from the Owner

My name is Valerie Dorn, I am a woman owned and operated wholesale Lighting and Electrical supplier located in Stewartstown, Pa. If you’re looking for affordable, quality, energy saving lighting and electrical products for your small to large project I am here to help.


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